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Bare Bite raw food treats. Made in Byron Bay. Gluten free, paleo

bitesonlog_saturatedHere at Bare Bite, our raw treats are gluten free, dairy free, sugar free, paleo friendly, and made from only plant-based ingredients.

Why you should try raw desserts (even if you don’t have food allergies), Naturopath Jules Galloway

hero3Here’s just a few reasons from Naturopath Jules Galloway, to give Bare Bites a try.

Raw desserts are packed with nutrients

Raw foods retain their vitamins and minerals at a much higher rate than their cooked counterparts, which means that Bare Bite products are high in essential nutrients like B vitamins, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

Our raw treats contain healthy oils

By now you’ve probably heard a lot about “good” fats vs “bad” fats. Well, our treats contain “good” fats from two different sources – virgin coconut oil and raw nuts. Raw nuts are one of the only sources of plant-based omega 3’s, while coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids (MUFAs), a healthy form of saturated fat.

Our recipes are loaded with antioxidants

With ingredients like raw cacao, cacao butter and inca berries, our treats have a high antioxidant content which helps to fight free radical damage to cells.

Our raw desserts contain healthy sweeteners

You won’t find any empty calories here. Because the sweetness in our treats comes from natural, unprocessed sources like dates and coconut syrup, Bare Bite products cause less of an impact on blood glucose than desserts made with processed, white cane sugar.

Our treats are high in protein

Forget those fake protein bars made from processed dairy products. Our products are naturally high in plant-based protein, which is easily absorbed by the body. High protein snacks also help to balance blood glucose and prevent food cravings.

Bare Bite desserts taste amazing!

You don’t need to be on a special diet to appreciate the freshness and flavour of our raw desserts. They’re a satisfying, delicious, guilt-free snack – the perfect indulgence for when you get those sweet cravings.

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