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Front-imageBare Bite is a boutique food manufacturing business working with raw and natural whole food ingredients, catering to the rainbow of dietary needs for today’s society. They are  low GI, gluten free, wheat free, sugar free, grain free, dairy free, raw, paleo and vegan.

Our family owned business operates out of a commercial kitchen and  uses organic and locally sourced ingredients when ever we can, providing a healthy alternative, to those otherwise naughty treats.


Angel Bite
The Angel Bite – Limited Edition
Dreamy raw, organic white chocolate Bites filled with local macadamias infused with orange blossom – Heaven!

The Byron Bite
A walnut, cacao sandwich, with a velvety vanilla white chocolate centre, smothered with a raw chocolate top.
Available in trays of 32.

The Love Bite
A decadent delight of figs soaked in heavenly rose water, filled with ginger, coconut, and cacao powder then smothered in raw chocolate, sprinkled with rose petals and a dash of love.
Available in trays of 32.

The Caramel Mudslide Bite
A gooey caramel delight smothered with  our special raw chocolate mousse and topped with protein balls just because we can.
Available in 2 sizes.

The Citrus Bite
For those of us who love a treat with a lemon twist. This smooth, creamy Citrus Bite is the best lemon cheesecake you’ll ever have . We use cold- pressed lemons sourced from a  farmer just outside Brisbane and topped with Native Australian Finger Limes sourced from a local farmer in the Byron Bay region.
Available 2 sizes

The Inca Bite
This decadent Bite is designed for our chocolate lovers. This Bite has a distinct unique flavour of incaberries (Commonly known as gooseberries) with a delightful mix of nuts through it.  The macadamias are sourced from a local Northern Rivers farmer. This is our version of the traditional rocky road.
Available in trays of 32.

The Mint Mudslide Bite
The perfect combination of raw coconut rough base and creamy mint mousse topped with our special chocolate mousse makes our Mint Bite irresistible.
Available in 2 sizes.

The Salted Caramel Bite
A chewy, gooey caramel delight with a twist of Himalayan rock salt and a splashing of cashews on top makes our latest addition a popular favourite.
Available in trays of 16.

The Nickers Bite
Bare Bite’s answer to the popular Snickers Bars, a blend of caramel, cashews, chocolate and nougat.
Available in trays of 28.

The Coconut Bite
Bare Bite’s version of the Bounty Bar,  jam packed full of coconut and chocolate- its Bountylicious.
Available in trays of 28.

The Nickers Donut Bite
A raw chocolate donut with a chunk of our own version of a Snickers Bar in the middle and then sprinkled with cashews. Don’t tell Mars its good for you.
Available in trays of 12.

The Coconut Donut Bite
A raw chocolate donut with our Coconut Bite in the middle. It’s bountylicious.
Available in trays of 12.

The White Chocolate Donut Bite
Our raw chocolate donut coated with more chocolate and smeared on top with our white chocolate with a generous dollop of white chocolate in the middle.
Available in trays of 12.

The Chai Donut Bite
Our newest addition to the donut range is a raw donut made in collaboration with our Byron Bay friends from Hari- Hari Chai. It is made with coconut flour, almond meal and secret chai spices made especially for Bare Bite by Hari Hari Chai.
Available in trays of 12.

The Muesli Bite
A blend of macadamia, cashews, almonds, pepitas, sunflower seeds, incaberries and figs make this a truly healthy alternative to regular sugar and oat laden muesli bars.
Available in trays of 32.

The Triple Berry Bite
Our Triple Berry Bite is made using a medley of seasonal berries including blueberries sourced from a local farmer in the Northern Rivers.
Available in trays of 32.

The Triple Berry & Citrus Bite
Triple Berry and Citrus Bite is a fruity flavour explosion in your mouth . A combination of our Citrus Bite and Triple Berry Bite on top. Excite your senses.
Available in trays of 16.

Mixed trays available for almost all products 

Bare Bite was born simply as a result of the need for good quality natural, healthy organic sweet treats. Treats that respond to the ever growing needs of everyday people who care about what is going into their mouth but still want to feel that they have indulged.

Bare Bite is an energetic company run by passionate individuals with a combined brain trust spanning over 45 years and a passion for healthy eating.  Bare Bite seeks to make healthy, indulgent food accessible to those willing to invest in a healthy lifestyle.



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